FC Barcelona Shirts 2014-15

The story behind FC Barcelona Shirts is an interesting one.

Some say the club plays in the same colours as founder Hans Gamper's original clubs in Switzerland - FC Basel and FC Zurich.

However, my favourite theory hints at the British origins of FC Barcelona!

In the Barça early days, at the turn of the 20th century, two of the clubs founder members - the Witty brothers - were Old Boys of Merchant Taylor's school.

This may be just a coincidence but the school football team played in claret and blue at the end of the 19th century and it was when Arthur Witty became club president in 1903 that Barça adopted its present colours.

Whatever the origins, though, a Barça shirt is something to wear with pride. You're wearing a shirt that represents the Catalan nation and the fight against Franco -

it's packed with history but now is an emblem of the most glamorous and exciting football played in the world!


FC Barcelona Home Kit 2014-15

The FC Barcelona 2014-15 Home Shirt is the flamboyant blue and claret shirt of the most popular club in the world.

The Catalan club are now sponsored by the Quatar Foundation but still show the UNICEF logo on the back of the shirt as an act of solidarity.

Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets, Piqué, Alves and new signing Luis Suarez and Rakitic . . . The Barça list of stars is endless and with players like Rafinha,

Munir and Sandro coming up through the ranks, now might be the time to get one up on your mates and order named FC Barcelona shirts with one of the stars of the future on it.

This shirt is big business, though, and changes slightly every year.

I quite like the 2014-15 design with its classic rounded neck and Catalan Senyera flag in the centre.

As usual there's a club crest and a Nike logo on the front.

FC Barcelona Away Kits 2014-15

This season's second and third kits are a little garish for my liking and are in orange and green.

Apparently, the reason for the odd colours is in order to make them attractive to girls and if I think about it most of the away shirts over the past few seasons have featured quite feminine colours.

The only FC Barcelona away shirts I've bought in recent years are the black one of three or four seasons ago.

I also bought last year's Catalan senyera shirt, because Catalonia is going through a historic moment and it's handy to have something to wear on the demos.

FC Barcelona Goalkeeper Shirts 2014-15

Speaking personally, if was going to add to my FC Barcelona shirt collection this season, I'd probably go for a goalkeeper shirt.

It's in a nice laid back grey, which is perfect for an old codger like me.

Once again, the second goalkeepr's kit is more colourful and is in a light bright blue.

Regarding the current goalies, I think we were all worried about whether we'd find someone to fill Valdés's important role in the side and I have to say that I'm particularly impressed by Claudio Bravo this season - an excellent signing!

If you click through to the FC Barcelona Shirts 2014-15 link below, you'll also find plenty of accessories, including shorts, gloves and training kit.

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