Les Fires de Sant Narcís in Girona

May 3, 2021 Off By barcelonas

One of the highlights of late autumn in Catalonia are without doubt the Fires de Sant Narcís, which are the Festa Major of Girona, and in 2016 run from October 28th to November 6th.

The ten-day festival is held in honour of the Saints’ Day of Sant Narcís, patron saint of Girona, on October 29th and draws massive crowds from all over Catalonia.

As you can see from the map below, the activities take place in various locations mainly around the city centre but there are an increasing number of smaller events being held in the outlying neighbourhoods so the whole city is involved.

In total, there will be more than 200 events, including concerts rock, pop, jazz and traditional music concerts many of which are on at the big stage on the Passeig de la Copa in the Parc de la Devesa, as well as lots of traditional activities for children and all the family, such as the Correfoc, the Diada Castellera and the Processions with Gegants and Capgrossos.

The Diada Castellera of Sant Narcís on October 29th is a particularly big day in the Castells Calendar so it’s worth a special mention and the festivities close with a terrific firework display along the banks of the River Ter.

In order to make sure you don’t miss anything, you can consult the Full Programme on the Official Fires de Sant Narcís website.