Saints’ Day and Festa of Sant Medir

May 3, 2021 Off By barcelonas

March 3rd is Saints’ Day of Sant Medir of Barcelona. Medir was a peasant farmer and is co-patron saint of Sant Cugat.

His festival is also celebrated in the Barcelona neighbourhoods of Gràcia and Sant Gervasi de Cassoles as well as in Sant Cugat.

Legend has it that, during the Diocletian persecution, Sever, the Bishop of Barcelona was forced to flee Barcino, Roman Barcelona, and on his way to Castrum Octavianum, modern Sant Cugat del Vallès, he came across Medir planting beans in a field.

Decided to die for his faith, Sever told Medir that if he was asked about him, he should tell the truth and carried on his way to Sant Cugat.

Later some Roman soldiers arrived and asked Medir about Sever. Medir told them that he had gone to Sant Cugat but the soldiers thought he was lying so they took him to Sant Cugat, where executed him alongside Sever.