Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Catalonia's National Theatre

Located close to Plaça de les Glòries in the District of Sant Martí, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya is Catalonia's National Theatre.

It comprises two main theatres, the Sala Gran with an audience capacity for 870 spectators, which is laid out like a Greek amphitheatre,and the Sala Petita with a capacity for between 266 and 500.

The TNC opened in 1996 and the company was initially directed by the great Catalan dramatist Josep Maria Flotats.

Since 2013, the theatre has been under the artistic direction of Xavier Albertí.

* If tickets are unavailable through Atrapalo, try the TNC website below.


Getting to Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Plaça de les Arts, 1
08013 Barcelona


Metro Glòries - Red L1 Line

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